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Today and every day, remember you are not alone

You are guided and loved by The Divine

I’m guessing that there have been some times in your life when you have felt alone. As if you are carrying the weight of the world (or at least your world) on your shoulders, and that weight can feel pretty heavy. I encourage you to consider that you are not alone on this journey. Ideally we have family and friends we can lean on. If you do, and don’t feel compelled to reach out to them, give yourself time and permission to reach out to the higher power that guides us and can provide us with comfort. This connection goes by different names and can make itself known in a variety of ways. If you practice a specific religious belief system, or walk a path of spiritual conviction, embrace this opportunity by whatever name moves you; God, The Divine, Great Sprit, Source, Universal Energy. Some feel this connection in Church while others may feel it while walking a labyrinth or resting against a tree. All paths are valid.

In truth I can speak for myself, but cannot (nor should I) try and speak to others experience. Connecting with a higher power has worked for me. It’s calmed me, guided me and reminded me that I am not a solo traveler. I can encourage you to remember your faith whether it’s something you embrace on a regular basis, or perhaps you attention to the divine has been dormant for a while. If you are searching, it is well worth the exploration. Talk to someone you trust, look for resources on line (where you will find plenty of material), reach out to a professional if you feel lost. You are not by yourself, and reminding yourself of this may provide energy to open welcome doorways.

“Faith is a passionate intuition”

William Wordsworth


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