Weekly Inspiration 

Today and every day, remember you are not alone – You are guided and loved by The Divine            Angels Abound

If you ever feel alone, which as some point most of us do, close your eyes and allow yourself to “feel” the presence of your guardian Angels. We all have them. Permit yourself to know this. Have patience and they will most definitely let their presence be known. How they do this differs from person to person, and is connected to how you are liable to be most receptive. Some of us see Angels, either a glimpse, or in their entirety; others sense their presence, hear them, and others will just have a “knowing” as if the messages they bring are just gently placed inside of our heads. The messages are loving, kind and reassuring. If we can let ourselves trust that more exists beyond what we sense on the “earth plane” and if we are open to having some amazing connections that will bring you joy, you will be well positioned to be guided by the loving energy of the divine. Say yes as a positive affirmation of invitation.

Namaste                                                                                                                                               Lynette

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