Weekly Inspiration

You can be a Bridge to happiness by first knowing and embracing that there is some good in your life (be it big or small), and encouraging others to walk over the bridge of happiness with you,  and therefore enhancing their happiness. Be ready for awesome results!

The decision to start each day with an attitude of gratitude is an empowering commitment to making the best of your life. Some days you may not feel like having this focus. All the challenges you have may try and take a seat front and center in your mind, but you can persevere. Happiness is a decision and one you can make each and every day. This does not mean that we forget about or ignore our problems. This approach would not ultimately prove effective. We have to acknowledge and address our problems in order to solve them, but whatever our problems are, if you are reading this today, there is something, somewhere in your life, be it small or of great magnitude that you can be grateful for. Consciously or unconsciously you know happiness can find a place at your table of life, and when you invite happiness in, you won’t walk, but sprint across the bridge, knowing that something amazing waits on the other side.

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