Positivity Coaching

Positivity Coaching Self-Empowerment Program


Positivity coaching is a holistic approach to self-empowerment that incorporates the practice of positivity in all areas of your life.

Life does present its challenges and at any given time, each of us faces hurdles we may choose to overcome.

The tools provided by way of Positivity Coaching can play a beneficial role in preparing you to take the necessary steps forward in order to live the life you envision and deserve.

Living a life that is balanced, pro-active and powerful makes for a more fulfilling existence, and there is no time like the present to invest in yourself and further develop the skills needed to enjoy life’s experiences to the fullest.

You are so deserving of manifesting your dreams into reality, and I stand by ready to assist you in achieving your success.


You may choose from two options for Positivity Coaching:

Personal, Private 90 Minute Positivity Session

This option is ideal if your desire is to tackle a particular issue that is blocking you, and you are prepared to take action that can result in making the difference needed to move forward in a pro-active and positive manner.

In your 90 minute positivity session we focus on one specific issue that needs immediate attention. I will ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to our session which will help me devise in what manner I can be of assistance.

By the end of the 90 Minute Session, you will have:

An understanding regarding which emotions (and how) they are impacting your ability to move forward, and what you can do to make a positive shift forward

A powerful support system plan to guide you moving forward

An understanding of why peace and joy are essential elements in your plan to move forward and what you can do to incorporate this into your life

Three concrete action steps to take to address the issue you are dealing with, with a realistic timeline

A meaningful energetic affirmation created specifically for you to support you as you move toward living the life you imagine

Fee for the 90-minutes session: $100.

Private 12 Week Positivity Program Customized Specifically for You

This 12-week program includes my inspirational, self-help book The 10 Be’s of Positivity-10 Steps To A More Positive way of Living as one of the tools in this program.

By the end of the program, you will have:

 Developed a mission and vision statement for your life

 Gained an understanding of how the journal you will keep throughout this process can guide you to further success

 Created your “life perspective wheel”

 Identified your values (priorities, standards and principles we will use to build a future roadmap for yourself) and learned how to honor them

 Identified, with my assistance your goals and objectives for the next 24 months

An achievable timeline for action in place

 Learned how to incorporate the 10 Be’s of Positivity into your life, to help you achieve your goals.

The 12-week program requires a serious commitment on the part of the client. The first and last sessions are two hours in length, while sessions two through eleven are 60 minutes. The investment in this program is $90 per session for a total value of $1,050. I am currently offering this program for $900. An investment in “you” can make a significant positive impact in your quality of life.

You will receive a copy of my book, The 10 Be’s of Positivity – 10 Steps To A More Positive Way of Living, as a part of the program package. Sessions can take place in person, by phone, email or Skype. Payment plans are available.

The 10 Be’s Are:  Be Honest Be You (your authentic self, vs. what others want you to be) Be Open-Minded Be Loving Be A Good Listener Be Grateful Be Spiritual Be Positive Be Forgiving Be Present – In the Moment

Invest in you and become the best that you can be!

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B. L. I .S .S
Believe Life Is Something Special