Dancing with Your Dreams Audio Program – Ditigal Download

Are you ready to take control of your life through your dreams?
It is through our dreams that we process the experiences of life, both past and present. In this exciting, interactive program, Dream Analysis Expert, Lynette Turner explains Ten Simple Steps to understanding your dreams. By easily implementing these simple steps into your daily routine, you will have access to the power to take control of your life!

Let’s face it, some of our dreams are scary!

Our dreams are a gateway.

 Dreams are an entry way to explore the questions we seek the answers to.

 Dreams are a playground that can be accessed for fun and relaxation.

 Dreams are an open door if you are willing to walk through it and embrace the powerful information that waits for you on the other side.

Many times dreams will leave us feeling confused, helpless, powerless and sometimes frightened. When you learn the 10 easy steps to understanding your dreams in this program, you will no longer be at the mercy of nightmares or confusing dreams! You will learn how to: remember your dreams in order to discern their meaning capture the essence of your dreams when you wake up tap into the core meaning of your dreams identify and connect with your powerful dream guides  
Did you know you process stress in your sleep?
By implementing these ten easy steps you will: remove the veil of mystery and uncertainty surrounding your dreams receive insight into your levels of stress and be able to manage it stop being afraid to go to sleep for fear of nightmares take control of your life! You may use this experiential program over and over to expand your understanding of the dreaming process and what it means to us in our waking life. By implementing these ten simple steps into your daily routine, you will take an active role in directing the journey of your life. The Dancing with Your Dreams Program Includes: Dancing With Your Dreams Program digital download in MP3 format Dancing With Your Dreams Handout (Sharing the ten focus points in the Dancing With Your Dreams Webinar) PDF file PLUS you will receive these Free Bonus gifts! Dancing With Your Dreams “Reflection Meditation” PDF file Guided Meditation – Dreamweaver (downloadable meditation with soundscape) MP3
Dancing with Your Dreams Program: $39.95
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Lynette’s Inspirational CDs

Produced on her record label Free to Fly Records, Lynette brings her inspirational music to the world. Experience Lynette’s songbird voice and embrace the powerful spiritual being that you are!

Songbird Serenade On The Wings of Angels

Coming of Age A Trilogy of Mindful Meditations
  • Peace Will Meet You There
  • Dreamweaver
  • Coming of Age

Songbird CD – $10


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Coming of Age CD – $10


Coming of Age MP3 – $8


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