Weekly Inspiration 

Dreams have a purpose; to provide guidance and help you take steps to realize the life you are worthy of living

Ask questions as you drift off to sleep; welcome with open arms the wonderful messages that will be gifted to you

Connecting to the messages that come to us in our dreams can offer great insight and a guide map as we move forward manifesting the life we envision. This requires trust-that we are worthy of having what we desire in our lives, and trust that what we want will come. If one believes, as I have come to believe for me, that things come to me in timing that is divine, this means that the timing I calculate in my thinking, may not be when these treasure of life experience arrive. I believe that higher power, God, Divine, Great Spirit, Source, whichever verbiage resonates for you, is guiding me. If I don’t get what I ask for on my timeline, something else will happen beforehand to prepare me for its arrival. In order for us to have clarity about what we want in our lives we have to be able to articulate what it is. Our dreams can help.

Dreams are wonderful sources of information. Some say they have never had a dream; in reality we all dream, we just don’t always remember them, which is why writing them down is very important, even if they don’t seem to make sense to you at the time. If you have trouble remembering your dreams there are a number of things you can do to help. In addition to writing down what you remember, you can ease into sleep from a calm place, with peaceful stimuli. Soft music, quite environment, instead of loud TV’s and working on your computer from bed. Wake up in the morning to the waves of a sound machine (very inexpensive to buy these days) instead of the harsh loud sounds of an alarm clock, and give yourself a few minutes in the morning before you get out of bed to lay there and ask yourself, “what did I dream, where did I go, what did I see? You may be surprised at what you will remember.

In the big picture, know that dreams can and do come true and you are deserving of living yours. Living your best life is possible and having a positive attitude (which translates to a higher vibration) helps set the wheels into motion. Be clear about what you want and then, breathe, and let the universe perform its magic.

Namaste                                                                                                                                                         Lynette

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