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Africa Project – Words Across The World Project

Some time ago I took a trip to Central Africa (to Limbe, Cameron) where I became acquainted with an organization called the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation (LUKMEF). The foundation was founded on the principles of nonviolence and promotion of human values and its efforts include HIV/AIDS education and reduction of poverty through training and job placement.

As a result of the trip I made a personal commitment to send the Foundation’s resource library books, which they are very much in need of. People travel from surrounding areas to use the library and it is the primary location used by the local University, which is located near the Foundation’s office. With the help of friends who donated the books and some financial support from the Fairfield, CT rotary. Ultimately I sent 2,500 books to the library. All types of books were sent, including the topics of computers, children’s books, humanity, social sciences and development issues, medical and the arts.

We can all find a way to help others, nearby or far away. What thoughts do you have for helping others?

Feel free to contact me at and I can tell you how you can help.

Lynette Turner

Words Across The World Book Project Pictures Phase I, 2007

Words Across The World Book Project Pictures Phase II, 2009

A big thank you to Cindy Lee Durner and Christian Tanyi for the pictures.

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