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Simplify Your Life and You Make Room For All the Good That is Destined to Come

We live in one busy society. Sitting and doing nothing is often considered a waste of good time. Checking everything off of your to do list is “good”. Who came up with these rules and can we have a do over? In my observation, one of the primary reasons we are always moving so fast is because when we are “productive’ and get things done we can make more money and gain more possessions. But does doing this make you happier? Certainly having money to support yourself and having a decent place to live no doubt plays a role in being happy, but that is not the ultimate measure. Happiness generates from within, and some of the happiest people I know live the simplest lives. Recently I met a guy at the airport who described himself as a nomad. He was headed to Alaska to fish in the Bering Sea. He had worked on outdoor projects in Tibet and as a camera man on safaris in Africa. He had such an easygoing energy about him and none of the stresses that come with a 9 to 5 job where we spend so much time living up to someone else’s expectations instead of our own. All of us can’t throw caution to the wind and live an ongoing life of adventure, but we can do other things to simplify our lives. We can decide we don’t have to say “yes” to everything that is asked of us. It may even be something we would like to do, but there are only so many hours in a day, and you are not a bad person for not taking on every possible opportunity. We can take four hours on a Saturday and “not” take on all of the items on your task list. Go to the beach instead or sleep, in or watch that comedy you’ve been hoping to catch. Don’t answer your phone or (ye gads) take a break from all of your social media outlets.

Give yourself permission to embrace some simplicity in your life

So what will you do…..to experience….the power of…simplicity?


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