Embrace Your Imagination

Own the Visualization of the Life you Want to Live; In Doing So Your Visions Have a Reason to manifest into reality!  

There is something we all have-no matter our age, race, socio economic status or geographic location. Our imagination, and oh what a fantastic gift. Our imagination can play a role in helping us achieve what we want to achieve in life. You may recall when you were a child in school and you hear the teacher say “pay attention, stop daydreaming”. But daydreaming, connecting to our imagination is a powerful and positive secret weapon that needs to be embraced. When you are visualizing, aside from reducing stress and allowing you to feel content, we can see what we envision in our life unfolding. We may see a trip, the components of a relationship, the ideal job, and when we can see in our minds eye what we want to manifest, I believe it gives the powers that be something to work with. This energy works both ways. What we say and what we envision has resonance. You may know people who always see and verbalize the worst possible scenarios. They say “nothing good ever happens to me”, “I’m drawn to negative people”, “I’m never going to make it in this world” etc. and they wonder why they live under a dark cloud.

Envision and speak the good that you want to have come into your live. When I decided I would like to have a house, I envisioned it. I saw in my mind’s eye the type of neighborhood I wanted to be in, the size of the yard, the characteristics of the neighbors, the number of bedroom, and a fireplace. I found my house (or I should say it found) me in short order. Many people talk about the dozens of homes they look at before they find their perfect home, and once found how many weeks and months it takes to deal with banks, have the home expected, undergo any negotiations with the current owner, etc. I found and moved into my house in three weeks’ time, which I’m told is unheard of. It was a pretty exciting and smooth experience. All told, I would change one thing. I envisioned a fireplace, and the fireplace in the home was one of those fake fireplaces you plug into the wall with the hard plastic picture of fire painted on the front. I had asked for a fireplace but I wasn’t specific. I didn’t ask for a fireplace with real wood and a chimney. Lesson learned. When you do visualize, be specific and give the universe details to work with.

Breathe life into your dreams by having clarity about what you want. Embrace your imagination and enjoy the journey


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