May 22, 2018

Weekly Inspiration

Love, it’s that simple. Just love. If we stop and let ourselves be in the moment we can appreciate the power of love in its simplest form. The energy of love is so refreshing and there is much to love, even as we deal with life’s challenges. Being present and in the moment provides the opportunity, in those moments of immediacy, to appreciate the now, and therefore appreciate our ability to love.

Love is this universal force which we can feel for those we have close connections with, as well as for those we don’t know very well at all. Love for our fellow human beings. In part, love has been defined as fondness and warmth. On a recent work trip to New Mexico I struck up a conversation with my waitress which started with her asking me what prompted me to be a vegetarian (the answer: reading years ago how cultures that don’t eat red meat are much healthier), followed by me complementing her on the very cool shade of purple nail polish she was wearing, and her explaining that it was in celebration of her high school graduation. She quit high school six years earlier to take care of her mother, and returned in the last year to finish high school while simultaneously working on additional educational courses in hotel management. She now had a diploma and a certificate of completion. She was starting an intern program in a few weeks, and had received a full Fulbright Scholarship to a college in Texas. She said she had exceeded any expectations she had for herself and was still taking in what she had managed to achieve and was very much looking forward to what the future holds. She had such a wonderful energy, and I truly felt love and excitement for this woman I had just met.

When we let ourselves feel this connection to others, it plays a little part of a really beautiful bonding process. We forget about ourselves and we feel joy for others. We appreciate others journey’s and have the privilege of hearing  their stories. It puts a smile on our face, and it reminds us that we all a part of the human race. And what a gift it is when we take time to remember and appreciate that. So–who can you love today? Someone is sure to appreciate you doing so. Love. It’s that simple. Just love.

Namaste-Lynette                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (203) 257-9120                                                                                                                                                       BLISS                                                                                                                                                                    Believe Life Is Something Special, Because It Is And So Are You