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The "10 Be's Of Positivity"© Workshop/Presentation
Learn the 10 steps you can take to live a more fulfilled, balanced and happy life
Learn the ten steps you can take to live a more fulfilled and happy life in this two-hour, interactive workshop based on the book of the same title. Once you are committed to being honest, you (your authentic self), open-minded, a good listener, loving, grateful, spiritual, positive, forgiving and present (in the moment) your life will never be the same. Understand the applications of these steps in this workshop.

During this workshop/presentation you will gain insight into:
How to appreciate and be you, your “authentic self” vs. what others expect you to be
The importance and rewards you will gain by embracing an attitude of gratefulness
The breadth of experience you will have by being open-minded
The positive results of being present and living in the moment
Understand how empowering living your life from a place of forgiveness can be
Appreciate the joy of living your life with a positive attitude
And much more

Contact Lynette for scheduling and fee information.

Angelspeake™ Workshop
As a certified Angelspeake™ facilitator (trained by renowned teachers, spiritual counselors, authors and Angel experts Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark), I apply what I have learned in this two-hour workshop to teach you the steps to take to communicate with your Guardian Angels. This includes the Four Fundamentals that can be applied to connect with your Angels, how to talk to and write your Angels, and how to receive Angelic messages.

During this workshop you will:
Learn who Angels are and how they want to help you
The four fundamentals for accessing angelic help
How to receive angelic messages
Relaxation exercises to help you hear/sense the angels

Contact Lynette for scheduling and fee information.

Dancing With Your Dreams Workshop
Dreams come to us for many reasons; to help us find solutions to challenges we are dealing with in our daily life, to provide insight about relationships, work or health, or just to remind us of the importance of having joy and playfulness in our lives. The Dancing With Your Dreams workshop will help you understand why dreams come to you, how to remember your dreams and how to interpret them. Working with our dreams provides a wonderful avenue for growth, and learning to honor your dreams is a blessing indeed. Dreaming is Educational, Entertaining and Empowering. Explore the realm of dreaming from multiple perspectives. Learn the process of Active dreaming (as developed by Robert Moss)

During the workshop you will:
Engage in relaxation exercises to prepare you for dream journeying
Learn how to connect with your dream guides
Learn why dreams come to you, how to remember your dreams, and the Lightening Dreamwork process, (an accessible way to gain insight into your dreams, and take action around the dreams messages)
Understand that dreams can be a vehicle for healing, communicating with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side, and more!

I have studied with world-renowned teacher and author Robert Moss and am a certified dream teacher with the Robert Moss School of Dreaming.

Contact Lynette for scheduling and fee information.

Click here to order the Dancing with Your Dreams Program.

Sound Healing Practitioner Workshop
As a Positivoligist™, I work with sound to produce vibrant health and healing. In my Sound Signals To The Soul program, the sessions, which are separately designed for both group sessions and one-on-one consultations, works to clear away unneeded blocks and replace these areas with balanced energy. The healing and relaxation techniques can work on four levels, (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) and can lead to a light filled and healing experience.

Working with sound you will:
Experience deep relaxation
Understand how sound can be used to reduce stress
 Know how to use sound as an option for pain relief

I have completed professional training in sound healing conducted by Tom Kenyon, under the auspices of Acoustic Brain Research.

Contact Lynette for scheduling and fee information.

B. L. I .S .S
Believe Life Is Something Special

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