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Inspiring Words and the Joy of Music


The Power of Dreams

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About Lynette

Lynette Anneslia Turner is a Positivoligist™, author (The 10 Be's of Positivity), certified dream teacher with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming, a certified Angelspeake™ facilitator and arts management consultant who was raised in Anchorage, Alaska and presently resides in Milford, Connecticut. Also a motivational speaker, she is committed to helping people from all walks of life embrace a path surrounded with light and love, so that they may live a more fulfilled and positive existence.

Do you know of a wellness gathering, convention or conference that would benefit from a dose of positivity? If so, my 10 Be's presentation may be a perfect match. Feel free to contact me at LynettePositiveBliss@gmail.com

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Quotes About
The Power of Dreams

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg

"Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning."

Gloria Steinem

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
Harriet Tubman

"Dreams are the touchstones of our character."
Henry David Thoreau

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one."
John Lennon

"No person has the right to rain on your dreams."
Marian Wright Edelman

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future."
Victor Hugo

Many thanks to all of you who emailed me with ideas for the 2010 Positivity newsletters. With so many to choose from, I may select topics out of a hat! In January, I'll focus on Angels and what a wonderful addition to our existence they can be if we are open to them. Of late, more and more people are connecting to the angelic realm.

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I'm Happy To Help:
Need a little help learning how to interpret your dreams? Each person's dreams are unique and valuable to the individual and provides insights that, when explored, can help you better understand your authentic self. Dream interpretation sessions can open up the door of understanding who you are and help plan where you want to go. I assist you by sharing techniques you can use do tap into your dream's meaning. For more information, feel free to contact me at LynettePositiveBliss@gmail.com  and check out my website at www.positivebliss.com

Daily Affirmation
I have the power to manifest my dreams into reality

A special thank you to Pat Durner for her assistance with this newsletter. You are appreciated!

Have a very happy holiday and Happy New Year!

December 2009

Issue No. 13

December: 10 Be's of Positivity Review and
Charting Your Course for the New Year With the Power of Dreams

Inspiring Words and the Joy of Music

Christmas is almost here. Even during these challenging times, we have people we care about and who we find joy in appreciating. Visit my website where you will find my book, The 10 Be's of Positivity-10 Steps To A More Positive Way Of Living. In addition, my two CDs, Songbird Serenade - On The Wings Of Angels and Coming Of Age - Three Guided Meditations, can also be ordered. The CDs are now also available as downloadable MP3s. Affordable gifts, given with love that are sure to be appreciated.

This month we focus on a recap of the
Positivity topics shared in 2009 and the power of DREAMS

First Let's Reflect

As the year 2009 winds to an end, it's the perfect opportunity to find those gems of gratitude that we can reflect upon. No doubt many of us have had challenges of one kind or another and many of us need something to help get us through. What that something is will vary. It may be words of affirmation, walks in the park, time with family and friends or the joy that can be found by volunteering. Singing in the shower, a good romantic movie or tapping into our creativity may also sooth the soul, calm the nerves and remind you to say "thank you." The list can be quite lengthy, but whatever is on the list leads back to the power of one thing - gratitude. So, no matter what issues you've had to deal with this year, you've done it. You're here. Celebrate your tenacity. Applaud your special qualities and look forward to 2010. Decide that the coming year will be a worthwhile experience and it will be.

In the Year 2009
The 10 Be's of Positivity

As this year started, I looked forward to sharing with you some tips I had implemented into my life and incorporated into my book, The 10 Be's of Positivity. Over the last year, we have explored the power of:

1) Being Honest

2) Being You (your authentic self vs. what others want you to be)

3) Being Open-Minded

4) Being Loving

5) Being A Good Listener

6) Being Grateful

7) Being Spiritual

8) Being Positive

9) Being Forgiving

10) Being Present - In the Moment

I have appreciated hearing from so many of you who let me know that these suggestions have indeed been beneficial and have helped make a positive difference in your lives. I have experienced an immense amount of joy doing positivity presentations, workshops and keynote speeches for school districts, rotary clubs, happiness clubs and wellness centers. I endeavor to keep the flow moving forward in 2010. As I discover ways to live a fulfilled life, I very much enjoy sharing this journey with you. It's an adventure we can embrace together.


This month, I am sharing with you the very real power of working with the messages we receive in our dreams - dreams that come in sleep time, as well as our day dreams. I cannot over-emphasize how incredibly enlightening your life can be once you connect with, appreciate and learn to interpret your dreams. I have been very fortunate to have studied with Robert Moss by way of the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming (visit www.mossdreams.com  for more information on dreams) As a certified dream teacher through this school, I have spent many hours in the wonderfully rich world of dreams, working with others to teach them how to interpret the messages in their dreams. You have the ability to do this for yourself. Read on...

Walk (and Dance) This Way

In mid-November, I had surgery on my foot. The procedure is called a Modified Mcbride - a bunionectomy, during which they use a "bone saw" (yes, that's an actual piece of machinery to remove the bunion off of the foot). Per the doctor, I had this condition due to being a dancer for many years and as a result of genetics, on my dad's side. Though many people told me it was one of the most painful surgeries and recoveries around, quite honestly I didn't believe them. After all, I'm a Positivoligist. How bad could it really be?

Well, it was pretty bad. For days it felt like someone was taking a sledgehammer to my foot. After many hours with an elevated foot, ice-pack and Advil, I am on the mend. I share this to relay a wonderful dream I had during this recovery period.

In the dream, I was in the house of my dreams with its expansive foyer, a meditation room painted the colors of the chakras and a picture of the world map on the wall with thumbtacks showing where I had visited.

I've had the dream of the house before, but the difference this time was that I'm dancing with wild abandon all over the house and I had never done that before the surgery. I'm dancing and swirling up and down the stairs, in the living room, all over the back yard. Because I was a dancer for many years and still love to dance when I have the opportunity, this dream represented to me the freedom I was used to having before the surgery and what I anticipate having again once I am fully recovered. This carefree vision of me moving about so effortlessly has played a pivotal role in me keeping a positive attitude during my recovery.

The following article was published in The Door Opener, Connecticut's Spirituality & Holistic Health Resource Guide in 2009 (www.anopendoor.co ). May it help you develop a new, continual or deeper connection to the amazing world of dreams and all they have to offer.

Dancing With Your Dreams

As a teenager, the first dream I remember had me at a carnival with carousels and roller coasters, clowns and games and most importantly, the cotton candy stand. In the dream, the cotton candy machine grew to ten times its normal size and I fell in. The only way to escape was to eat my way out of the machine. This is a nearly impossible task, given that the soft, fluffy pink candy is in a continual swirling motion, creating more of itself at every spin. This recurring dream, with cotton candy in the staring role, had and continues to have significance for me. I love sugar and this has been one area of overindulgence over the years. As an exercising, non-smoking, vegetarian who never realized an appreciation of alcohol, sugar has been my vice. This dream has come to me off and on for years now when I am overdoing it in the sugar department. It reminds me to take heed, to take care of my body, to replace lemon meringue pie with sweet fresh fruit or raisons. In other words, my dreams talk to me and I listen.

For me and a growing number of others, dreams offer an accessible pathway to understanding ourselves and receiving guidance in regard to any number of areas in our lives. Because we can enter our dreams with questions in mind, the guidance we can receive is endless. "Is a career move on the horizon?" "Should I hang in there with my current relationship?" In the dream, I was climbing a rugged mountain surrounded by butterflies. What does it mean?" If we enter into our dream space with an open mind, an open heart and clear intentions about what we want to know, my experience has been guidance will come. For any who may read this and think you do not dream, know that you do, even if you do not remember them. My parents were a prime example.

Five years ago my 70 year old parents were certain they were not dreaming. My mother was particularly adamant in her conviction that dreaming had escaped her for seven decades. However, when she and my father adopted the suggestions I offered them to use to remember their dreams, they had success in short order. This was my advice: embrace day dreaming - what comes to you in your waking state is as valid as what comes to you in sleep time. Always have a journal or tape recorder by your bedside and record what messages come to you. Go to bed in a relaxed state and wake up gently in the morning. Do not question whatever comes to you - words, images, symbols, colors, smells. Write it down and trust it. If you write the word "sea" but you think you should have written "see," leave it as it is. The relevance may show itself at a later time. Dream with intention. What do you want to know? If you have a question, ask the universe as you drift off to sleep to provide you with an answer and jot your question down on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow. Pay homage to your dream. Act upon it. If someone appears in your dream that you haven't spoken to in a while, pick up the phone and call them. Do you see yourself at a doctor's office? Perhaps its time to make an appointment for a physical. Are you lounging at the beach in your dream? Be open to such an opportunity presenting itself in waking time. And importantly, remember that you are the best interpreter of your dreams. A person who has studied dream analysis can help by asking you questions that may cause you to remember parts of your dreams, but at the end of the day, it's your dream and you will know best what it means to you.

As for my parents, a few weeks after they started their dream remembrance routine, my mother called me very excited that she had a dream (and remembered it). It was a linear story, which had her and my father at the mall shopping. She could relate to this scenario given that shopping is something she enjoys. The first dream my father remembered, on the other hand, was a lucid dream, (the ability to be aware that you are dreaming while you are having the dream). He was sitting with his mother who he adored and had graduated over to the other side many years ago. He delighted in this encounter and was only discouraged because he couldn't hear what she was saying; and he knew she was trying to share an important message. I explained that he could travel back into the dream with "clear intention" (asking that he hear his mother's message) and he was excited to know that he could do so. Now, five years later, my parents contact me on a regular basis to share their dreams, with an ability to self-analyze having increased over time.

The wonderful thing about dreaming is that it is an all inclusive experience. Dreamers come in all ages. Little children are avid dreamers, often enthusiastic to share their journeys and as adults we need to encourage this magic. Teenagers, adults, our cherished elders -we all have dreaming in common. I believe this willingness to embrace our dreams at any age is good for our health and contributes positively to our well-being. Acknowledging our dreams encourages us to be open-minded (and open-hearted) and journaling our dreams helps bring the dream to life in a way. You are transferring the information that comes to you in the dream state onto paper. Once there, you can re-read and recall the dream, returning to dreamscape as often as desired. In doing so, additional bits and pieces of the dream may return, offering an even deeper understanding of the experience.

One of the most exhilarating things about dream journey is that you need not do it alone. While dreaming can be done solo, each of us can invite a dream guide (or many) to accompany us. Animals make grand dream guides. They are terrific companions and can be of assistance in many ways. If you have yet to identify your animal dream guide, pause now and invite an image of an animal to come to mind. What animal(s) do you resonate with? What is your favorite animal? If you could pick an animal to hang out with what would it be? Now trust the first animal that you think of and ask it its name. I'm happy to introduce you to one of your animal guides. As you drift off to sleep at night ask your guide to join you on your dream journey. She may offer you a ride and transport you from place to place. He may walk ahead of you to protect you if you need it, or provide guidance if you have a question. Different guides may also appear to help you in different ways, depending on your situation. When I need to look at situations in my life with a wide view and from varied perspectives, my giraffe guide appears. Her name is Infinity and her presence reminds me that my options are endless, but I need perspective. I am often perched on her long neck when she appears to provide guidance. When I need to get somewhere quickly and safely, Saratoga the panther appears. As you invite animal guides to be a part of your world, they too will develop personalities and reveal a specific purpose to you.

Decide to become a partner with your DREAMS.

Delve into this divine world of discovery.
emember that all of us are dreamers and dreaming is not reserved for few, but is open to a collective community of all.
mbrace all the knowledge you can gain and the fun you can have by working with your dreams.
cknowledge your self-power as a dreamer and appreciate your willingness to explore.
aster the power to interpret your dreams. As with anything, the more you practice the better you'll get at it. Success is what you will find if you entertain the concept that interacting with your dreams can be a playful experience and this is joy you can bring into waking time.

Have fun on this journey. Dancing with your dreams can be an eye-opening experience - spiritually, emotionally and physically. Working with your dreams is like having your own personal treasure chest. What gems await you in this fascinating and enlightening world of dreams? Put on your dream wings and fly!

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