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Life Enrichment

Allow Abundance
If you often struggle with a lack of money and financial chaos, you may have developed some chronic thought habits that center around scarcity and limitation. Simply by changing the way you think and feel about money, you can create a consistent, easy flow of abundance and all good things into your life. Allow Abundance offers plenty of helpful articles, free guides, and abundance tips by email to help you develop a true abundance mentality. Start by downloading your free copy of our "Easy Abundance" Guide here: http://www.allowabundance.com/easy-abundance.html, and enjoy our list of 44 Abundance Affirmations here: http://www.allowabundance.com/44-abundance-affirmations.html

Life Enrichment with Barb Scala
Visit www.bloomwithbarb.com and grow an inspired, balanced and healthy life! Barb Scala - lifestyle expert, coach, author and speaker - gets everyone blooming! Ask about throwing a Bloom Party for a fun & inspirational event with girlfriends, neighbors or clients!

Serenity Yoga with Mike Little
Balance the body, mind and spirit through Gentle Yoga for seniors, Gentle Therapeutics, Family Yoga, Kids Yoga Mommy and Me Yoga, Pilates and Meditation while relaxing in Yuma, AZ.  Schedule your appointment for Reflex/Marma Therapy, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing or a Reiki treatment.

Caregiving Companions 
Caregiving Companions provides a multitude of compassionate non-medical companion care services for the elderly including check up visits in the Pikesville, Maryland area.  Contact Caregiving Companions to learn more about their services for the elderly.

Kindred Spirits Center

Let's Spread the Word!
I am on a journey to engage like-minded people on the path of positivity.  Please share this website with others and ask them to sign up below to receive a Free weekly Positivity Message and share the Power of Positivity with the world. 

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