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Soul Kisses with Kate Large

Jayne Fletcher has received the gift of "hearing" from God. This gift allows her to bridge the "pathway" between Heaven, Earth and Beyond. If you would like to "hear" from your loved ones who have crossed over or if you would like to hear from your Angels, Guides or your Higher Self, she can help you do so. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 877-300-3124 or visit her website at www.jpthevoice.com.

Spirit path to the Amazon offers healing, transformation, and liberation retreat to the Amazon.

Need a happiness connection? Check out the Happiness Club web site and sign up for the free newsletter.  Happiness is a state of mind and this web sight can help you along the happiness trail.   Click into:  www.happinessclub.com

Welcome to Trinity!  Trinity is an interfaith nonprofit organization designed to inspire and promote the highest level of personal growth of spirit, mind and body through creative and interactive educational programs.  Trinity believes as Mohandas K. Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world".  Visit:  www.trinityproduction.org
or email:  trinity@trinityproduction.org (203) 426-9448 or (203) 263-5939

Gloria Amendola-Intuitive, shamanic practitioner, researching/teaching/writing the mysteries of Isis, Magdalene, Knights Templar, and consciousness; http://www.gloriaamendola.com/  

Carol Joyce, Angel Channeler  Carol's path towards communicating with angels and those who have passed from this life in the physical form began in 1986 due to being on a quest to heal herself from a chronic illness. On her journey to heal herself she discovered a new way of life - a spiritual path that lead her to communicating with the celestial realm, giving her the gift to be able to transmit messages from angels and the dearly departed.  Carol currently works out of her home as well as a number of metaphysical shops in her area. She is available to do angel parties and phone readings.  Click into Carol Joyce, Angel Channeler - www.angelchanneler.com  

Carole Matthews Intuitive
Carole Matthews is an intuitive Medium and radio host for The MessengerFiles as well as Hear and Beyond.  Carole's witty insight and wisdom help us to balance the upheavals of the physical world with humor, patience and love.  She offers readings, information about her life and shares letters from listeners as well as events.

Cindy Lee Durner  "In all my real estate dealings I listen with my heart to hear the wants and needs of my clients. I then use my intuition to help guide me to show the most divinely matched properties. The end result is a dream come true".  Click into Cindy Lee Durner:  www.leedurner.com

Spiritual Insights for Living:
"Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change"  How do you do that?  Meditation * Intention * Learning * Understanding * Soul Growth * Transformation * Unattach from the Outcome. What Tools are available?  Informational Videos *Books* Intention Jewelry:  Energy Muse - Satya Yogo Inspired Jewelry * Workout Wear * Inspirational * Spiritual T-Shirts * Organic Skin Care and
Organic Essential Oils.

Mystics By The Sea, 394 New Haven Ave. Milford, Connecticut 06460, 203.878.5640
We are a group of practitioners who have come together for the purpose of bringing peace and healing to the Milford community. We invite you to experience all that we have to offer. Milford, CT www.mysticsbythesea.net 

Natural Health and Wellness Center
Comprehensive medical center specializes in natural healthcare for your mind, body, and spirit. Milford, CT www.nhawc.com 

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